Support 100 Hubcaps public art installation — Real93543's next community-wide, creative place-keeping project for Littlerock and the Southeast Antelope Valley.

BACKGROUND: Real93543 is a creative place-keeping initiative for the unincorporated Southeast Antelope Valley, designed to engage local residents and artists in a collaborative, arts-based process of strengthening social connection and civic participation. Founded in 2015 by artist and documentary filmmaker Robin Rosenthal, the project highlights community-specific stories through documentary media, art education programs, and public art. With our last project, Positively Littlerock, a new focal point for community engagement was born at the Que Paisa Wall on the Pearblossom Highway.

THE PROJECT: Building on this groundwork, 100 Hubcaps will pay homage to the Pearblossom Highway’s history and path through our towns with a public art installation created from a hundred+ hubcaps hand-painted by local residents. Using this easily recognizable, vernacular object as a building block will encourage participation, and provide an opportunity to express feelings about the highway, our towns, and the changes to come from the proposed High Desert Corridor four to five miles to our north. The painted hubcaps will be attached to a camouflaged grid in a free-flowing pattern along the 90-foot length of The Wall. Community engagement began with a hubcap gathering drive, followed by a well-attended  “Scrub Some Chrome” volunteer cleaning day hosted by Dollar General's Littlerock store. Next step is a series of artist-led hubcap painting workshops at locations throughout the community.

OUR NEEDS:  Added to seed money from the Lancaster Museum & Public Art Foundation, your donations will be applied to the costs of the painting workshops and the installation. Expenses include: Enamel paints, painting tools & supplies, artists' honorariums, and installation equipment & hardware.

Remember...every little bit helps. And, your donation is tax-deductible!

Real93543 is a project of Fulcrum Arts’ EMERGE Program. Donations to Real93543 are tax deductible under Federal ID 95-2540759. Fulcrum Arts is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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